Most Skin Effective Repair Gel


Skin New Concept 3.0
First repair and maintenance, skin health and nourish.
Daily repair and skin rejuvenation
Don't waste any care products
Rejuvenating and repairing gel, I hope you have a daily skin
Apply any unhealthy skin care

  • 30ml$1490

Extraction of traditional Chinese medicine formula plants

Start the skin natural repair force

The correct skin care is repaired and maintained every day.

Instructions : 

Sleeping every night or five minutes before makeup
After washing your face → lotion → apply skin rejuvenation gel → moisturize and maintain.

Best every night before going to bed.

Suitable for skin :

Any unhealthy skin can be repaired and maintained

Precautions :

1) The first time you wipe, it will produce a better reaction, clear the deep skin,

completely clean, and then start to make up the muscles, regenerate and rejuvenate.
2) The elderly have less sebum membrane or less oil secretion in winter,

which can be supplemented with moisturizing and maintenance.

3) In the cold winter, the cheeks on both sides of the cheeks,

the ends of the fingers and the toes are dry and stinging,

and it is more serious that the skin care products can not be rubbed,

as long as the skin care gel can be repaired.